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"you're one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan, designed and directed by his red right hand..." -Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, "Red Right Hand"

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The Red Right Hand Crusade

     Welcome to the Red Right Hand,
The conspiracy awareness site maintained by the Very Reverend Doctor Prometheus S. Dark.

In case you didn't know already, the truth is fragile and being kept from us.

We consider it our among our duties to research, record, and archive the bizarre,
the unexplained, and the covert.
Whatever has been done so far to stem the flood of darkness into the world, much work remains undone.
For every one who is saved, a multitude of voices cry unheard in the wilderness. The multiplication of cult religions, the growing chaos in the world, are all
signs of a growing spiritual vortex, that soon will reach what can only be called Critical Mass.
The growing moral chaos in the world has its roots in many sociological upheavals associated with our age;
but the vast hidden machinery of certain controlling agendas have caused countless millions to weep.
The layman sees signs of his expected apocalypse drawing near; indeed, he may be correct. The population has spiraled out of control; our resources are running out, and
war is springing up everywhere, in a world armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons,
and so full of hate that their use seems inevitable.
These are no longer wars over territory, one will note.
Increasingly, we see the trend of wars of racial annhilation,
as in the wars in the Balkans, which the media loves, and the
much more destructive Tutsi-Hutu conflict in Burundi,
which the Media has by comparison ignored.
We exist in a word where the truth, the importance of life and freedom,
are portrayed as fungible.

It is against this backdrop that we here at the Red Right Hand conduct our investigations into the secret, the covert, and the suspect. We cannot ignore that certain
extragovernmental forces are reaking havoc on the natural progressions of our lives.
The "news" media misrepresent reality to an increasing degree
The NSA and CIA, Shadow Governments, and the ubiquitous Pseudo-Masonic Mystical Lodges exert influences on us all,of which the common person is damningly unaware.fnord

ask not if you are you being watched...but by whom

The Red Right Hand is a growing web ring that attracts the comments and accounts of people from all over the world. have you had a para- normal experience that you would like to share? If so, please contact us! I am also interested in contacting other paranormal scholars and investigators. By perusing our links, you will discover other Red Right Hand pages, devoted to other subjects that might be considered unusual...
You might also be putting yourself in danger, as we report on things that the
secret orders don't want you to know... delve deep, if you dare...

We are all, perhaps too much so, aware of the late controversies surrounding President Clinton. Is all of it hype? Or is the President in fact a malevolent, sociopathic man, devoid of human compassion? Besides his completely dishonorable treatment of women, most people seem to regard the President as a charming oaf. But is he, in fact, a coldly manipulative man, capable of murder?
on this same site, you will also find feedback on America's lopsided foreign policy, our blind devotion to Israel, and one of the few critiques of the government of the United State's propaganda war to dicredit and disenfranchise all of the Arab peoples, by portraying them as anti-semitic religious fanatics.
What is the real truth?
What Agenda conceals it?
Who are its makers?
Where does that truth reside?
Always remember to question authority, to ask hard questions!
Blind Faith sufficeth no more.

You are abductee number
The truth is...

Are you really free?
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question authority!

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