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Welcome to the Red Right Hand conspiracy web ring.
There are many other pages that make up that ring; other pages of related subject matter from across the internet. We are here to forward conspiracy reports and to attempt to piece together the conundrum of the Big Plot, so distorted by the mechanizations of the various media lapgogs.
For example, let's look at this interesting little tidbit culled from our nation's press, curiosly ignored int he larger press. To them, Elian was much more interesting.
April 29, 2000
Body of Expert Who Probed Waco Found in Maryland LAUREL, Md. (Reuters) - Police on Saturday were investigating the death of a
scientific expert who helped a congressional committee probe the 1993 Waco
siege, authorities said. The body of Carlos Ghigliotti, 42, was found by police on Friday at his firm,
Infrared Technology, in Laurel, Md., outside Washington D.C., police said.
Police said it appeared Ghigliotti, an analyst hired by the House Government
Reform Committee, had been dead for several weeks. An autopsy would be conducted in Baltimore, they said.
Ghigliotti, an expert in thermal imaging and videotape, studied a tape of the
April 1993 Branch Davidian siege that ended with the deaths of about 80 people
in a fire at the group's compound in Waco, Texas. He concluded last fall that the FBI fired shots in the direction of the
compound on the final day of the 51-day standoff, a conclusion disputed by the
law enforcement agency. Ghigliotti also found that the Davidians fired
on the FBI. His work for the committee ended some time ago.
It does seem interesting that the very man who stated definitively that the ATF fired first would himself turn up dead by mysterious means. a government autopsy will overlook the traces of his assassination, we may be sure. Attourney General Reno has demonstrated more than once an inability to deal with any situation that is potentially compromising, with any response other than force.

Rev.Dr. Prometheus Dark

Why is it that the government of the United States cannot stop bombing
Iraq? the gulf war ended almost a decade ago. The people of the United States have been fed a picture of the Arab
people that goes something like this; they are evil, crazed,
base people whose religion is a destructive code that
any rational person must reject! So we must destroy them?

..does this sound familiar?
It sounds remarkably similar to the rhetoric the Nazis used against the jews...

What Are We.....

Our destinies are forced upon us, rudely hacked out according to the millenial plans of the faceless Illuminati, that force us into blind submission,repress our thoughts and creativity, crush us into ghettos and tell us that we are privileged, and force us to fight their wars, dying in our millions for some unknowable goal that was set down ages ago by the founders of the masonic orders.

What do we do?
To combat this repression is a simple thing; it requires only bravery. Not the bravery of the soldier in battle, but the calm and necessary courage that it takes to respaect the truth, and make sure that it is made known. This is our Crusade, the battle to bring to the light the many truths that remain deliberately veiled by a government that has grown so large and ineffective that it has split into many small shadow governments, each with their own agenda, some of which are quite sinister, indeed.