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The recent scientific tests on the fragments of the "magic bullet"
did nothing in most people's eyes to alleviate the widespread
conviction of a cover-up of some kind in the Kennedy assassination.
The scientists conducting the horrifically belated research
claim that lack of fibers from the victim's clothing
tended to indicate that no second gunman was employed.
It is hard to imagine that anyone would take such a biased and
myopic viewpoint seriously after all these years.
There may be indications, but that is what they will remain,
since any substantive evidence died with the scores of witnesses who were
silenced in the 60s and 70s. -Rev. Dr. Dark

It is a characteristic of our age that the people hold paradoxical
beliefs, that they are, like Orwell's downtrodden mass, capable of
believing The Lie put forth by the faceless controllers, and at the 
same time sensing its basic untruth. 

What of the media?
Is the dumbing down of America a consequence of giving them free reign?
How many tabloid television shows do we really need to feel free?
Is this "freedom" the prize that we should hold up to the ghosts of the
dead from all of our wars? Geraldo? Jerry Springer? Psychic Hotlines?
Phone Sex numbers? Would the dead rest easy knowing this is what use we made
of their sacrifice?
The most sacred tenants of our society have been corrupted and misused, and
we've been told it's okay, as long as we have plenty of bread and circuses.
but the truth is, we grow that bread, we are that circus, we are in a zoo of
our own making, and know one knows who keeps the keys.

We, as a people, do not trust our governments, which is inherently wise; but the realization is growing of the presence in our culture of invisible but palpable extragovernmental powers, who ultimately decide whetherwe live or die, be we presidents, or patsies. I will tear the CIA in a thousand pieces...I didn't shoot anybody

We live in a peculiar era, in which the very disemination
of the truth is called evil, in which fundamental terrorists of every
variety believe that they have God's ear on all matters, and seek to
force their ideas of "Good"on the rest of us.
Are You Oppressed?

You may be living in the thrall of oppressive forces and not
even realize it. Sound impossible?
Anything but. If you carelessly nod in aquiescence to the assertions
of your "higher ups," and accept them as fact, you have oppressed
Do You think people around you are smarter than you? More forceful?
Do you leave tough decisions to others?

We live in a world where the truth slumbers, where governments write
revisionist histories once their own lamentable goals have been
reached. Humanity is sleepwalking towards doomsday, in chains of its
own making.

Evil is all around, not an invisible mystical force, but in the
tangible umbra of our inhumanity to one another.
The Devil is walking down the street, on your television, in your
head, and no one is paying the least attention.


I am a diversion. I do not exist. What is the government REALLY hiding?


Did you know?
that the US government has had numerous "accidents" during which the release of
chemical agents in populated areas were covered up?
Did you know--that during the Gulf War Nuclear weapons were moved
around the country because our stalwart leaders were fearful ofterrorist
Are you near a nuclear facility? you may not even know. Where is all of the nuclear waste?
Do you think for one minute that it's all accounted for? For years, there existed no clear guidelines
on the disposal of nuclear waste...
and guess what! the nuclear waste from the 40s, the first ever produced, is
killing people today, and will still be deadly long after we are all
gone...and we're still producing it, right here in River City, boys and